Preparing for the impacts of climate change can be a daunting task! We offer tools, support and networking to make it easier. Our mission is to boost the resilience of organisations, businesses and communities to the impacts of climate change.

We help organisations, businesses and communities across IJssel-Vechtdelta to understand what climate change will mean for them and encourage organisations to work together on adaptation. We plan for the impacts of climate change by building awareness and knowledge together. In this way we aim to trigger innovation, start-ups and other business activities, internships and jobs, new products and services and training programs in the field of climate adaptation.

We are looking for opportunities for climate adaptation in activities and processes in the public and private space, the energy transition, agro, food, data, circular economy, nature and green spaces, transport, infrastructure and governance. In this way we can strengthen and connect the regional innovation and implementation power of the IJssel-Vecht delta, also with international networks, knowledge sharing and business.

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