Climate Campus brings together organisations, businesses and communities across the IJssel-Vechtdelta to identify shared adaptation challenges and take forward opportunities to work together to adapt.

To make significant steps towards a climate adaptive and economically resilient and confident IJssel-Vechtdelta by 2025, we need to step up collaboration. No single organisation, business or community can adapt to climate change alone. It is our mission to seize every opportunity to encourage organisations, businesses and communities to work together on adaptation.

Our offer includes six core activities that complement and enhance one another. We aim to:

  • Work as a knowledge and connection broker, locally, regionally and (inter)nationally.
  • Share knowledge and promote new knowledge to be developed through our Climate Campus Connects meetings and webinars. But also by promoting relevant webinars and meetings of others.
  • Enable residents and professionals to exchange knowledge to progress residents’ initiatives, also through our Team Klimaat Actief.
  • Promote Citizen Science, inviting residents to provide their input and ‘wisdom of the crowd’ to accumulate knowledge about climate change and adaptation.
  • Provide a testing ground for professionals in the field of water and climate and for the market of gardeners, garden centers and (landscape) architects and urban planners and project developers, and provide room for experiments, research, concept testing and product innovation.
  • Offer opportunities to young talent (human capital) to train and develop in the field of water resilience and climate adaptation.

We encourage smart collaboration and develop network governance to accelerate the launch of new initiatives. We also experiment with Smart City solutions because we believe we can apply them to accelerate climate adaptation.

We are convinced that innovative and smart collaboration will accelerate climate adaptation and more than that. It also advances other social issues and stimulates new economy.

The Climate Campus foundation connects diverse issues and network partners by matching interests, knowledge and money. This enhances implementation power and increases opportunities for innovation. New knowledge is developed and work is combined to achieve synergy. The connection between professionals in the network and the local community is unique.