In 2011 there was a huge downpour in Copenhagen. More than 150 millimeters of water in two hours, resulting in enormous damage. Climate adaptation could have reduced the damage substantially.

Our delta region is vulnerable to climate change. That is why Climate Campus, the network in the region of Zwolle and the IJssel-Vechtdelta, wants to make a difference by accelerating climate adaptation.


We believe that we can only accelerate if we step up collaboration and work together in different and smart ways. That is why the founding fathers – Province of Overijssel, Water Board Drents Overijsselse Delta and the municipalities of Zwartewaterland, Kampen and Zwolle – started this network in 2017.


The network of various parties, from governments, leading consultancies, companies, entrepreneurs, educational and research institutions and social organizations and even residents, offers unique opportunities to investigate how we can make breakthroughs with climate adaptation because various parties start initiatives together.

We use society in the Delta region as a living lab in which everyone, residents, entrepreneurs, students, etc., can contribute their (experience) expertise. This creates new knowledge, products, services and scalable innovations that meet the needs of real people.

As a foundation we want to boost and facilitate this. Not by being a project agency, but by bringing together knowledge, resources and interests as a “broker” and thus “making the pie bigger”. That is why we are experimenting with a new governance that can break through organizational boundaries and channels to put area focused collaboration on regional and national challenges at the forefront.

Climate adaptation

With unparalleled passion, a good dose of creativity and a keen eye for the opportunities for climate adaptation, we connect parties in the network. We offer a platform to draw attention to initiatives and hope they can inspire anyone who can contribute to a climate-resilient delta region.

Is your organization or initiative looking for opportunities to contribute to a climate resilient, economically powerful and confident society in the IJssel-Vechtdelta?


We distinguish six themes:

  • spatial adaptation
  • health
  • biodiversity and climate adaptation
  • social innovation
  • rural areas and climate adaptation
  • new economy, mobility and climate adaptation.

Our people

Climate Campus is funded by the founding fathers, the Province of Overijssel, Drents Overijsselse water board and the municipality of Zwolle. The Climate Campus foundation helps the network to connect and increase innovation and implementation power. The foundation brings together a variety of issues and network partners. The link between the professional network and the local community is unique. By matching interests, knowledge and money, new knowledge is created and work from multiple organisations can be integrated.

Board of Climate Campus foundation

The board of the foundation consists of representatives from education and research and leading consultancies and social organizations in the field of climate adaptation.

Liesbeth Rijsdijk (chair), director UAS Windesheim Honours College, Han de Wit (secretary), director Knowledge Management, Innovation & Technology at Tauw Group bv., Matthijs Nijboer (treasurer), director Natuur & Milieu Overijssel, Martin Jansen (board member), associate director Royal HaskoningDHV.

Climate Campus Bureau

The Bureau consists of advisors and employees from the organizations of the Founding Fathers: Drents Overijssels Delta water board, municipalities Kampen and Zwolle and Province of Overijssel (vacancy).

Edith Camerik, Municipality of Zwolle, Jenifer van Dijk, Amfibia Solutions, Ivo Boerdam, (coordinator) Municipality of Zwolle, Ryan Hoekman (education), Climate Campus.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board consists of a broad representation of scientists, entrepreneurs, water and climate professionals, administrators and decision-makers from society. The advisory council meets twice a year and advises the Climate Campus Board.

Coby Zandbergen, CIBAP board, Maarten Slingerland, alderman for the municipality of Zwartewaterland, Gerben Mol, AMS Institute, Ed Anker, alderman for the municipality of Zwolle, Fons Eijkelkamp, ​​Royal Eijkelkamp, ​​Bert Boerman, provincial executive of Overijssel, Hans Wijnen, Drents Overijsselse Delta water board , Yvette Meijerink, Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, Jan Peter van der Sluis, municipality of Kampen, Katja Buijs, H2O network, Egbert Roozen, VHG Royal Dutch Association of gardeners.