We are Climate Campus, a network of governments, education and research institutions, entrepreneurs and social initiatives. Within Climate Campus network we collaborate in innovative ways to build a climate resilient and economically robust IJssel-Vechtdelta.


The IJssel-Vechtdelta is a compact miniature delta which encompasses almost all water and climate adaptation issues in the Netherlands. It is therefore, an ideal testing ground for climate adaptation. A living lab for knowhow, products, services and talent in water and climate challenges. It is our ambition to develop the IJssel-Vecht delta further, to become a demonstration delta of international significance for climate change adaptation .

We believe that innovative and smart collaboration will accelerate climate adaptation and more than that. It will also advance other social issues and fuel new economy.

The Climate Campus foundation connects diverse issues and network partners by matching interests, knowhow and means.

The collaboration within Climate Campus strengthens implementation power within the network and creates opportunities for innovation. It makes knowhow flourish and ensures synergy to arise. The way in which professionals in the network connect to the local community is unique.

21 Inspiring practices of climate adaptation in Zwolle Region

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If you are interested to learn more about climate adaptation in Zwolle Region and the IJssel Vecht delta, please contact us.